華碩為 Zephyrus 電競筆電換上第十代英特爾 Core 處理器

華碩為 Zephyrus 電競筆電換上第十代英特爾 Core 處理器 1
隨著英特爾宣布推出第十代 Core 處理器的消息,各家 PC 廠也第一時間公佈了對應的新品。而在華碩這邊,主要是對自己的 Zephyrus 電競筆記本產品線進行了更新。首先是上圖中的新款 Zephyrus S17,它配備了 17.3 寸的窄邊框屏幕,並且使用了僅有 18.7mm 厚的機身。其顯示面板的刷新率是 300Hz,灰階響應時間為 3ms,而且還拿到了潘通的色準認證。

除此之外,華碩還在這款設備上加入了台機風格的完整鍵盤,而且它的每一顆鍵都設有 RGB LED 背光。同時新款 Zephyrus S17 也繼承了 AAS 散熱系統,可以打開底蓋更好地降低機內溫度。

接下來是 Zephyrus 15,它同樣在更為緊湊的機身內塞入了性能更強的硬件。不光如此,這款產品還能用雙 M.2 SSD 組建 RAID 0 陣列。同時它還提供了 GPU Switch 功能,可以讓玩家在重流暢度的 G-Sync 模式和重續航力的 Optimus 模式間自由切換。

然後是為入門級市場而設 Zephyrus M15,它會提供多檔配置供更廣泛的客群進行選擇。在顯示部分華碩準備了 240Hz / 144Hz FHD 面板和 4K UHD 面板的選項,GPU 則是能從 GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 選到 RTX 2070。連接口方面相對來說比較豐富,Thunderbolt 3 和 USB-A 都有,而且設備也支持雙顯示器輸出。

目前華碩還沒有公佈這批新品的價格,不過可以確定的是它們會陸續在春、夏季於北美市場上市。另外還有一款 Zephyrus Duo 15,其雙觸控屏幕的設計比較有意思,我們會在這篇文章中更詳細地向大家介紹。

ASUS‘s engineers have added a few other premium features as well, including a full desktop-style keyboard with per-key RGB LED backlighting, and a unique AAS cooling solution that opens a large intake vent beneath the system when the lid is raised.

The Zephyrus 15, meanwhile, comes with the same top-level components in a more compact form, plus dual M.2 SSDs that can be configured in a super fats RAID 0 array. There’s also GPU Switch technology, which lets gamers toggle between G -SYNC mode for smoother gaming, and Optimus mode for better battery life.

Then there’s the Zephyrus M15, a more entry-level device that offers a range of configurations, so it’ll appeal to a wide audience. Display options including 240 Hz and 144 Hz FHD panels and a 4K UHD panel let users pick the screen that best fits their needs, while GPU options range from the more affordable yet capable GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, up to the RTX 2070 GPU. There’s also enough more than enough connectivity options, including Thunderbolt 3, dual display outputs and USB ports for a mouse, gamepad and external storage.

Other new releases from ASUS include the Zephyrus Duo 15 — a powerful all-rounder with a secondary touchscreen — which we review in detail here, and the Strix SCAR 15 and 17, which have been designed with tournament-grade eSports players in mind. No word yet on pricing or specific launch dates, although ASUS says the refreshed range of laptops and peripherals will be available in Northern America from spring or summer this year.